[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Lim Kim (Kim Ye Rim)


kpopNOW! is bringing another exclusive interview for the kNers! This time is the solo singer who is getting even more popular in the korean music scene: Lim Kim. She became famous after being part of the indie duo Two Months with Do Daeyoon, and also for participating in the reality show “Superstar K“, in 2011. After the end of the show, she signed with Mystic89 and in 2013 debuted with the single “All Right, the title track from her first solo album “A Voice“.

She made her comeback in november with the single “Goodbye 20, the title track of her new album. If you’re interested in knowing more about Lim Kim, check out the chat we had with her and enjoy the pictures Mystic89 sent us along with her autograph, made especially for kpopNOW! readers.


1. When did you realize you wanted to be a singer?

I think it was about the time when I got into high school. I liked listening to music, but I didn’t think that I would be a singer. But as I grew, I realized that I felt happy when I’m singing.

2. What was your first reaction when you were told that you had been selected to participate in “Superstar K3”?

I couldn’t believe it. Me and Denny (도대윤 Do dae-yoon) thought we didn’t do it well and we were really nervous. So we kinda gaved up. But then they called us the next day and we were really surprised and excited about it.

3. And how was your experience in the show?

It was a whole new world for me. I always sang alone in the house and practiced with only Denny. But then “Superstar K” was huge for me. Every week we had to do the live show in front of so many people, and we got to meet amazing people during the show. so it was a great experience!

4. How was your training period before debuting as a solo singer?

I think it was more like a resting time than training period for the first few months. Then when we talked about making an album and recording it, Mr. Yoon (Yoon Jong-shin) teached me the right way to make your voice more attractive during recording. The other time I got to rest a lot. So it was refreshing time after “Superstar K”.

5. Your songs are lovely and have beautiful lyrics. Did you help compose any of the songs that are present in your albums?

I didn’t participated in composing. But I participated in some of the lyrics. There’s “Rain” and “Urban Green” in the album that I did.

6. All of your music videos have an artistic concept. Which one is your favourite, and why?

I think probably Rain” MV is my favorite. I liked the atmosphere of it. The song itself is one of my favorite songs in my second album. Because the song is very ‘me’. So I could show the real me in the MV. So I felt very comfortable.

7. How was it like acting in “Shut Up Flower Band”? Do you have any plans of acting in another drama?

Shut up Flower Band” (닥치고 꽃미남 밴드) was a big experience for me. Because I never thought that I could do acting. But after doing it, it was funnier than I thought and helped me lot in music too. So If I get to do another drama, I’ll be happy to do it. But I’ll practice more before I start it.

8. Do you have a favorite song in your latest album?

As I said before, “Rain” is especially my favorite song in the album. Because of the lyrics. I had to put my story in it and the light jazzy melody is very nice to listen. So I liked the song.

9. Is there a concept that you would like to try in the future?

I want to try so many concepts. I didn’t think of specific concepts yet. But I’m ready to do anything.

10. What is your biggest musical influence?

Well, I’m not sure yet. Because I have listened to so many different musics when I was young and my voice and music style just naturally comes out in some way. So I still don’t know.what was the biggest influence for me.

11. If you had the opportunity to collaborate with another Korean artist, who would it be?

I never thought about it yet. But recently, I collaborated with Lee-Ssang (Gil and Gary) for a commercial. I really liked their music since I was young, and it was very different from my music style so it was very fun to collaborate with na artist that has a diferente style.

12. What do you do in your free time?

I meet my friends, watch movies and do these kind of normal things in my free time.

13. Is there anyone in the idol world that comes close to what can be considered your ideal type?

Hmm… I didn’t think about it yet, My ideal type is a funny guy, so anyone like that is good.

14. Could you please send a message to all of your brazilian fans?

Thank you for reading this interview. I’m surprised that you guys know my music and I’m really thankful. Hope we meet someday! Bye!

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